Rhodes Rucksack Bag



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 The Rhodes Rucksack Bag has several handy compartments. In addition, effective zip carbines not just for beauty - they are securely closed backpack and comfortable wide leather straps help in case of "overload."

A series of objects named after Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902), who graduated from Oxford in 1881. Later he became a coal magnate and successfully engaged in politics in South Africa. In 1903, as it was written in the will of Rhodes, was approved scholarship in his name for the best students of the university, regardless of their nationality.
Bags, briefcases and small leather goods are made in a series of Rhodes range of traditional Oxford university colors. These are necessary items for traveling or just for an active life.

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Product Dimensions

Width: 16.00in
Height: 16.50in
Depth: 8.00in
Weight: 3.00lbs

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